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As the UK election draws closer: How will the results impact the pound?

The UK is heading to the polls on the 12th December to cast their ballots for the so-called ‘Brexit election’, as voters decide who will be the next Prime Minister. We’ve seen the Pound strengthen considerably over the last week against the US Dollar following YouGov polls showing a Conservative Party majority. Will Boris Johnson […]

Tips for the big one

With all of these terrifying small earthquakes you really cant help to think, “Am I prepared for a big one?”. That 7.1 magnitude quake really was a wake up call! We have done some studying and prepared a few tips and guidelines to take into consideration: Make a plan with your family/friends We are sure […]

The Pound Plummets: What will Happen Next?

Why has the pound fallen in July? New UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has committed to Brexit being delivered by the end of October with, or without an EU deal. Does Mr Johnson have enough time and leverage to negotiate a deal or will it result in yet another extension? That is yet to be […]