Global Cargo Insurance

If your business has stock or equipment moving outside of North America that cannot be covered under a commercial property or inland transit policy, you will need to consider a broader cargo insurance solution for your business.

Cargo insurance is a highly customizable policy that can be tailored to cover import, export, inland transit, as well as storage at owned and 3rd party locations. For customers shipping goods around the world, global cargo policies are extremely useful. Obtaining ‘floor to floor’ coverage for the entire stock throughput process means one carrier protecting your physical assets and minimizes gaps in coverage.

For those with unique needs, coverage can be negotiated to include deterioration of stock due to mechanical breakdown, loss of income and other specialized coverage.

Relying on logistics providers, transport companies and 3PL warehouses to ‘do the right thing’ and make you whole in the event of a claim is not going to end well. If the goods being moved/shipped belong to you, it is essential to obtain your own coverage to properly safeguard your business assets.

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