Group Disability Insurance

Protect Your Most Valuable Asset – Your Ability to Earn an Income

Individual disability income protection is a must for a business owner and is highly recommended for executives.

Disability coverage also offers your employees a powerful safety net, allowing them to continue paying bills while avoiding serious debt. Many Americans are not financially prepared for a disabling illness or injury. Almost 50 percent of adults would have to borrow money or sell their possessions to pay an unexpected $400 bill, according to the Federal Reserve Board.

For most employees, Social Security Disability Insurance only replaces a portion of their earnings. Since most disabilities are not work-related, they are not covered by Workers Compensation. Beach Financial Group offers short-term disability and long-term disability for individuals and employee groups.

We offer coverage from best-in-class carriers like Unum.  We’ll take all factors into account to design the optimal coverage for you and your employees.

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