Group Vision Insurance

Give Your Employees Sought-After Vision Coverage & Save on Medical Costs

With multiple generations in the workplace, vision coverage is more popular than ever. Beach Financial Group provides vision coverage from best-in-class carriers like VSP.

Eye exams and dental exams can uncover diseases early, reducing the chances that your employees will need more serious and costly medical interventions. VSP providers have been successful in detecting the first signs of high cholesterol, hypertension, and diabetes.

For every $1 that groups invest in VSP exam services, they can expect an average return of $1.27 over two years. The Diabetic Eyecare Program provides coverage of additional eye care services for members with type 1 & type 2 diabetes.

We offer affordable employer-paid options as well as a voluntary employee-paid option at no cost to you. Members never need a referral and pay only a copay for services. Through CoPower, we can bundle dental, vision, and life coverages with one application, one bill, and one price.

For more information about getting an optimal vision plan, contact Ana at 310-414-2100 ext. 1000 or email her at .