Surety Bonds

If you’re a professional looking for guarantees, bonds placed by Beach Financial Group are the way to go.

At BFG we can provide a number of customized bonds that will guarantee a specified task – or project – will be completed with due diligence and on schedule. Our selection of bonds can help your project stay on target, while fulfilling your legal state and federal obligations.

Surety Bonds are not insurance policies – they are guarantees. It is not uncommon for businesses and contractors to have certain projects bonded to ensure they are completed, no matter what complications may arise. At BFG, we specialize in providing both large and small businesses across the country with the following bonds:

  • Performance Bonds – A performance bond guarantees the performance of contractually agreed upon work.
  • Bid Bonds – A bid bond guarantees the beginning of work following the winning of a bid.
  • Indemnity Bonds – An indemnity bond guarantees any losses should a party fail to meet deadlines.
  • Payment Bonds – A payment bond promises payment to all sub-contractors and vendors.
  • License & Permit Bonds –License and permit bonds guarantees the principal will abide by the terms of the license (ex: Auto Dealers, Contractors, Mortgage Lenders, etc.).
  • Municipal Bonds – Municipal bonds are issued by states, cities and counties in order to raise funds.
  • ERISA Bonds: Bonds required for 401k and other retirement plans.

Bonds are contracts designed to do one thing: provide guarantees. The nature and extent of the guarantee, however, are subject to the language used when the bond is drafted. This allows for a tremendous amount of scope and contributes to their versatility and longevity. The agents at BFG can provide you with a wide range of bonds ranging from bid bonds to municipal bonds, and permit bonds.

Our experienced agents can help you find the bond – or bonds – you need to protect your project and your investment.