Dental Insurance

We provide the top dental insurance plans to keep your smile healthy. With our assistance and guidance you will find the dental plan that will meet your needs, whether it is for regular cleanings, correcting your smile, or major procedures.

For a dental proposal, you may submit your request by sending your full name, date of birth and zip code to .

What you should know about Dental Insurance

Waiting Periods

Most dental insurance plans have waiting periods (typically 3-12 months) for major work. Once the waiting period is completed, you will have access to all benefits that you signed up for. Waiting periods vary from plan to plan.


Most individual dental plans have an in-network annual deductible of $50 . Family in-network annual deductibles typically start at $150.

Annual Maximum

The maximum amount that the dental insurance carrier will pay up to. Most plans start off with a $1,000 per person annual maximum.

Diagnostic and Preventative

Oral exams, cleanings and x-rays, these are typically free after your deductible is met.