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We can provide access to the best aviation carriers if you are an owner, renter, aviation operator or CFI.

Aviation insurance can be a complex process, allow our team to guide you through the process and have you flying high in no time.

aircraft insurance



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As a business we deal with all of the main Auto Insurance companies throughout the entire US through direct contracts or through our partners. Either way, we guarantee competitive rates and professional service second to none.



If you’re a professional looking for guarantees, bonds placed by Beach Financial Group are the way to go.

At BFG we can provide a number of customized bonds that will guarantee a specified task – or project – will be completed with due diligence and on schedule. Our selection of bonds can help your project stay on target, while fulfilling your legal state and federal obligations.

Surety Bonds are not insurance policies – they are guarantees. It is not uncommon for businesses and contractors to have certain projects bonded to ensure they are completed, no matter what complications may arise. At BFG, we specialize in providing both large and small businesses across the country with the following bonds:

• Performance Bonds – A performance bond guarantees the performance of contractually agreed upon work.

• Bid Bonds – A bid bond guarantees the beginning of work following the winning of a bid.

• Indemnity Bonds – An indemnity bond guarantees any losses should a party fail to meet deadlines.

• Payment Bonds – A payment bond promises payment to all sub-contractors and vendors.

• License & Permit Bonds –License and permit bonds guarantees the principal will abide by the terms of the license (ex: Auto Dealers, Contractors, Mortgage Lenders, etc.).

• Municipal Bonds – Municipal bonds are issued by states, cities and counties in order to raise funds.

• ERISA Bonds: Bonds required for 401k and other retirement plans.

Bonds are contracts designed to do one thing: provide guarantees. The nature and extent of the guarantee, however, are subject to the language used when the bond is drafted. This allows for a tremendous amount of scope and contributes to their versatility and longevity. The agents at BFG can provide you with a wide range of bonds ranging from bid bonds to municipal bonds, and permit bonds.

Our experienced agents can help you find the bond – or bonds – you need to protect your project and your investment.


Disability & Long Term Care

Your lifestyle and dreams for the future depend on your ability to earn a living.

When you take into account all that you've worked so hard to achieve, consider the fact that your paycheck made it all possible. One of the most important decisions you will make will be to insure your ability to earn an income.



Earthquakes can cause devastation any time of the year and without warning. Many homeowners don't realize that damage from earthquakes is not typically covered by a standard homeowner’s insurance policy.

Why consider earthquake coverage?
Considering you proximity to a earthquake vault line is important. However, it is important to remember that damage can be widespread, with significant distance any from the heart of the earthquake. The distance away from the heart of the earthquake, size of the earthquake, proximity to bodies of water and what your house is built on are all factors which affect the level of damage you may experience during an earthquake. Earthquake insurance can protect you against the damaging outcome it may have on your home. Common damages caused are subsidence, slope failure, soil liquefaction.

Common issues during a earthquake

Ground shaking
Is both vertically and horizontally movement of the ground. This may causes substantial property damage.
Unreinforced brick or masonry homes will sustain more damage than more flexible wood-frame homes. Older homes that have not been retrofitted for protection during an earthquake, are exposed to more chance of damage.

Soil liquefaction
Soil liquefaction is where saturated soil loses its strength and stability causing the soil to behave more like a liquid than a hard stable surface. Causing your home settle or potentially tip.

Slope failure
An earthquake can cause a slope failure (mass wasting), often associated with wetness causing gravitational stress and the land to slide. Often caused by flooding near bodies of water or through substantial rainfall. 

How will earthquake insurance help?
Earthquake coverage is designed to assist you with the cost caused by earthquake damage. Some of the associated costs covered are – repair or replacing your home, home contents replacement, mortgage payment support. This type of policy is heavily influenced state by state.

earthquake insurance

Tips to stay say in the event of an earthquake.
• Prevent bookshelves and heavy items such as TVs or furniture from falling over and causing injury or damage by attaching them to the wall.
• Do not put heavy items on shelves above your bed, couches or chairs.
• Brace your water heater(s).
• Use closed screw eyes instead of traditional picture hangers to secure pictures and other valuable artwork to the walls.
There may be enrollment periods for your earthquake insurance coverage.



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It’s worth remembering homeowners and renters’ insurance policies do not cover flooding. Flood damage can be devastating; destroying structures and contents. Flood coverage can help pay for the damage a flood can cause.



Knowing the basics of health insurance policies can save you more money and you'll have the information and guidance from us to buy only the coverage that you need. We take the time to educate all of our clients regarding the options available, making sure you have the best package suited to your requirements.



We offer competitive rates for Home Owners and Renters insurance. Buying insurance for your property and possessions may not be at the top of your list of things to do but we can offer flexible solutions in minutes that will cover you for your valued belongings.


Individual and Family Dental

Woman at the dentist, lying back as dental work is performed

We provide the top dental insurance plans to keep your smile healthy. With our assistance and guidance you will find the dental plan that will meet your needs, whether it is for regular cleanings, correcting your smile, or major procedures.

For a dental proposal, you may submit your request by sending your full name, date of birth and zip code to


What you should know about Dental Insurance

Waiting Periods

Most dental insurance plans have waiting periods (typically 3-12 months) for major work. Once the waiting period is completed, you will have access to all benefits that you signed up for. Waiting periods vary from plan to plan.



Most individual dental plans have an in-network annual deductible of $50 . Family in-network annual deductibles typically start at $150.


Annual Maximum

The maximum amount that the dental insurance carrier will pay up to. Most plans start off with a $1,000 per person annual maximum.


Diagnostic and Preventative

Oral exams, cleanings and x-rays, these are typically free after your deductible is met.



Guarantee Your Income For Life

Is Your Life Insurance Keeping Up With Your Life?

With all the demands on your time, you probably don't give your Life Insurance much thought. Are you sure it still meets your needs?


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