Technology E&O

Technology E&O policies cover liability and property loss exposures for providers of technology services or products. Major liability insuring agreements generally include losses resulting from not only those products and services, but also media content and network security breaches; property insuring agreements, meanwhile, provide coverage for extortion threats, crisis management expense, and business interruption.


Though technology E&O insurance is often confused with technology insurance due to some notable similarities, the latter is intended to protect consumers of tech products and services, while the former protects providers – for example, data storage services and tablet manufacturers. If you think you may need technology insurance instead, you can click here to visit our cyber and privacy insurance page.

For more information about obtaining a technology E&O policy, we encourage you to contact Joe by phone at 310-414-2100 ext. 1002, or by email at Alternatively, you can contact Michael by phone at 310-414-2100 ext. 1003, or by email at

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