Motorbikes are a lot of fun. However, to enjoy those rides with piece of mind having suitable coverage for you and your bike is important.

motorbike insurance

Here are some of the products you may wish to consider.

• In "No Fault" states, require personal injury protection (PIP)

• Liability insurance mandatory in all states Third parties are covered in case of injury or property damage.

There is flexibility in your liability coverage to insure above the minimum insurance requirements, providing additional protection against protection against lawsuits.

Worth noting, if you are deemed responsible for injuries and/or property damage it is your responsibility to pay for it. If the bill is over the limit on your coverage you are responsible for the difference. Understanding the risk here is important to be suitably insured.

• Had an accident? Collision coverage will cover the damage to your motorcycle.
• Has your bike been stolen, vandalized? Damage caused by storms, fires, or other natural causes? A Comprehensive coverage has your back.

• Collision and comprehensive motorcycle insurance are usually compulsory if your motorcycle is financed. Even if it’s not compulsory it is significant coverage to have. Without it the cost of repairing or replacing your bike could be very costly.
• Safety clothing and accessories are what keeps you protected on the road along with a well maintained motorcycle. Most motorcycle insurance policies will cover safety wear.

• Custom equipment or a custom built bike? Keeping your insurance provider up-to-date and make sure you let your insurance agent know about your accessories and major upgrades. Custom equipment coverage is often part of many policies, but it is down to you to keep the insurance provider up-to-speed.

• In an accident with an uninsured or underinsured motorist? Uninsured or Underinsured coverage protects you if another person is at fault causing an accident, and they don't have sufficient coverage or any insurance to pay related expenses.

• Do you ride with a passenger? Passenger liability is crucial if you ever plan on riding with a passenger on your motorcycle. Compulsory in some states, and highly recommended regardless of state requirements. Ensure your passengers are covered if you take them for a ride.

Think. Ride Safe

Avoid the likelihood of injury by wearing suitable protective gear.
• Wear DOT certified helmet that is comfortable and fits correctly. Full face helmets give you the most protection.
• Replace your helmet if you are in an accident.
• A suitable motorcycle jacket will protect your upper body. A reflective jacket is recommended.
• Jeans are popular for motorcyclists but consider investing in chaps or purpose made riding pants.
• Motorcycle boots protect your feet and ankles. Look for comfortable boots with
• Protect your feet with motorcycle boots.
• Keep your hands safe, where suitable riding gloves.

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