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At Beach Financial Group (BFG) we can assist you with getting specialized insurance coverage you need to protect your RV. 

BFG compare rates and coverage across multiple the top insurance companies. We are determined we will provide you with RV insurance that is right for you. The right cover, at a low rate.

RVs carry a unique risk – being both a home and a vehicle. To suitably cover your significant RV investment you need a specialist RV insurance policy to really have you and your asset covered.

BFG have the expertise and resources to thoroughly evaluate your situation and establish a RV policy that is right for you.

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Key RV owner insurance coverages and options:

• Limited liability coverage for motor home is required.
• Towed vehicles are normally covered through their auto policy. However, this is likely to be limited liability coverage. Only covering injury or damage to another person or their property. This will not cover you, your family, or your property.
• If your RV is less than five years old and you are the original owner. One consideration is full RV replacement coverage. This coverage will replace it with the same model and accessories, if the RV is destroyed within the first five years of ownership. 
• In an accident? Collision coverage pays to repair your RV.
• Comprehensive coverage insures covers damage not associated with a collision, such as fires and floods.
• A personal property insurance coverage will help protect your many personal items likely to be in your RV.
• RV breakdowns are not only frustrating, but they can be expensive. Suitable towing coverage can cover you.
• If your RV breaks down away from home and the repair isn’t able to be done promptly emergency coverage can give you extra reassurance by paying for accommodation and transportation expenses while your RV is being repaired.
• Your RV is your home away from home. Vacation home liability insurance protects you in case someone is injured in or around your RV.
• If you use your RV as your primary residence you need to insurance similar to a homeowner’s policy.

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