Storms and Hurricanes

Storms and hurricanes are powerful and can tear apart entire communities when they strike.

Of course, storms can devastate the costal line but storms can also bring major flooding inland. If you own a property in an area susceptible to storms flood insurance is thoroughly recommended. 

Heavy Rainfall
Heavy rainfall causes banks and levees to burst and storm drains to back up. When the water level rises this way damage can be immediate with water gaining entry to your property and settling around your premises. 

Flash Floods
Thunderstorms often cause flash flooding affecting low-lying regions in a short time frame. Flashfloods also happen when man-made Dam’s or levy’s fail causing severe damage to both nature and man-made structures. 

Mud Flows
Often caused by a mixture of heavy down pours and loss of vegetation. Homes on high grounds are more receptive to mudflows.

storm and hurricanes

Flood Insurance Eligibility?
If your community is part of the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) you will be eligible to purchase flood insurance.

If you live in a high flood risk area with a federally backed mortgage, you are obligated to obtain flood insurance.

If you live in a community which is not part of (NFIP) private coverage is available.

Though flood insurance may not be compulsory. It is worth nothing standard homeowners and renter’s insurance policies do not cover flood damage

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