Professional Sports, Entertainment & Live Event Insurance

Beach Financial Group specialists provide risk management advice to any party with sports or entertainment exposures:

1)         Sports clubs and teams - professional and college

2)         Sportsmen and women - USA or anywhere in the world

3)         Sports governing bodies - USA or International

4)         Agents and advisors - risk coverage protection could be crucial

5)         Venues and event organizers - safeguard prime real estate

6)         Sponsors Coverage - when a celebrity ‘sponsor’ has a significantly adverse impact on a company’s product

7)         Broadcasters - live outside broadcasts, Pay-Per-View

Specialist cover

Sports and entertainment insurance can be confusing; we make it simple:

1)         Income Protection - safeguard your income and lifestyle due illness or injury; keeps the money coming in.

2)         Life Insurance - lump sum payment or monthly income upon the insured's death

3)         Contingency Event Cover - organizers of sports or live music/entertainment events can take out contingency insurance, which pays out if an event is interrupted, postponed, or cancelled.

4)         Third Party Liabilities - protect yourself from legal liabilities to another party

5)         Property Damage - covers the cost of damage to someone else’s property after an accident you cause

6)         Travel - trip cancellation, trip delay, lost or delayed baggage, medical coverage, medical evacuation, etc.

7)         TV & Film Production - protects producers, filmmakers, film crew, production gear and all the filming locations from claim.



Marc Conneely

Snr. Vice President, Sports & Entertainment

Beach Financial Group

Los Angeles, USA

T:         +1 310 414 2100 Ext: 1005



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